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Tracer® SC+ allows you to streamline facility management without reinventing the entire system. Adding Tracer SC+ to your system provides a flexible, cost effective solution for building automation, and managing the facility climate that can extend to lighting and energy consumption. Learn More About Tracer SC+.

Tracer® SC+ ships with Tracer® Synchrony a modern, intuitive User Interface (UI). Accessible from most PCs, tablets, and smart phones, Tracer Synchrony eliminates the need for a dedicated computer and monitor so you can manage system performance whenever and wherever it is convenient. The intuitive online tools provide improved efficiencies, increased tenant comfort and reduced energy costs, which result in operational cost-savings and a better bottom line.

Tracer Ensemble™ was developed specifically for customers with multiple buildings who want to manage their many buildings as a single enterprise. The target vertical markets for Tracer Ensemble are K-12, Higher Education, Healthcare, Government, Real Estate, Retail/National Accounts and Commercial Property. Learn More About Tracer Ensemble

Remote Access is for those responsible for comfort, energy costs, and reliability of facilities who need to gather information and make changes to their building systems without being at their facility or on their network. This is a service that provides simple, secure access to the building systems. Unlike the current technology, our product scales, is cost effective, higher performing, and simpler.

Tracer™ TD7 is a color touch-sensitive display for use with the Tracer UC600 BACnet programmable control. The Tracer TD7 display provides for ease of viewing and editing of Tracer UC600 data. Building operators can easily monitor space temperature and relative humidity, change setpoints, and enter point overrides with time-limits with a just a few touches of the screen. Learn More About UC600 and Tracer TD7

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